We Find Efficient And Effective Business Solutions

It is an unfortunate reality that internal and external conflicts related to a business litigation case can put a strain on business operations and redirect resources that could have been used toward more profitable pursuits.

Kulis Law helps Illinois employers, family-owned businesses, officers, directors, employees and shareholders with business and corporate litigation needs. Our attorneys have extensive experience advising clients on the most prudent course of legal action that will lead to the fewest possible legal battles.

We listen to your concerns and goals, both in the short-term for the legal issue at hand and in the long-term for your business as a whole. Then we work with you to plan and achieve these goals in the most cost-effective way. With good planning and quality legal work, many disputes can be avoided or diminished, building successful and productive business relationships in the process.

If a trip to court is necessary, however, we are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible outcome. Firms do not want to go to trial against our tenacious team.

Premier Services In Any Business Dispute

At Kulis Law, we know that when you need the services of a business lawyer, experience matters. Our firm is recognized as a premier business and commercial litigation firm. Our attorneys offer the experience, skill and results more commonly associated with larger law firms.

Since we were established in 1990, our law firm has been well-qualified to offer advice and representation in matters of:

  • Business contracts
  • Breach of contract
  • Contract dispute litigation
  • Lease contract litigation
  • Tortuous interference with business relations
  • Declaratory actions

Because we believe in building mutual trust and long-term relationships, we get many referrals and repeat business. Our clients appreciate the way we can help streamline their decisions so they get proven results without having to reinvent the wheel.

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To make an appointment for a free case evaluation to discuss your legal needs in confidence, contact us through email or at 312-574-3079. We serve the Chicago metro and states across the country such as Texas and Indiana.

We are available to be contacted 24/7 and offer Saturday appointments.