Were Your Rights Violated By The Police?

Police misconduct may cause serious injuries but it is not restricted to physical abuse. Violating a person's civil rights, falsifying evidence and making false statements can effectively convict you of a crime you did not commit.

We understand that victims of misconduct may be afraid to come forward. However, civil rights laws enable victims to file lawsuits and receive compensation for police misconduct. At Kulis Law, we want to assure you that we will protect you legally and fight for justice after the wrong done to you.

Civil rights violations may include:

  • Excessive force
  • Police brutality
  • Failure to provide medical care
  • Wrongful death and police shootings
  • Coerced confessions
  • False arrest
  • Jail and prison abuse
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Falsified evidence

We Offer Thorough Analysis And Strategies

The attorneys at Kulis Law have decades of experience in Illinois police misconduct cases. Everyone has the right to effective legal representation and protection of their constitutional rights.

Recently, the Independent Police Review Authority reported a 19 percent increase in the number of alleged Chicago misconduct complaints. By the last quarter of 2015, complaints had risen from 2,300 to 2,800. Though officials had not determined the cause of the spike, the rise in complaints telegraphs a serious problem.

Using our resources, a team of professionals and discussions with you, we work to build a compelling case on your behalf. Our lawyers and a team of professionals extensively review evidence such as:

  • Witness statements
  • Medical reports
  • Police statements/interviews
  • Arrest reports
  • Accident reports
  • Video recordings
  • 911 call transcripts/recordings

After reviewing all the evidence, we develop a strategy to effectively obtain the compensation you deserve.

We Will Take On The Police Department

We are trial lawyers, ready to go up against major opponents. If you are considering getting in touch with us to take action, we encourage you to immediately start documenting.

Keep medical records. Take photos of injuries. If there were witnesses, compile their names. Every detail could make a difference as we build your case to go up against the police.

Contact us online or call 312-574-3079 at any time of day or night to schedule a free initial consultation. We serve the entirety of Chicago and states across the country.

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