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At Kulis Law, we fervently believe that rights cease to exist when intimidation prevents their free exercise.

That's why, for more than 25 years, we have followed the example of John Adams and put aside "our wishes, our inclinations or the dictates of our passions" to argue the stubborn facts in support of our clients' civil rights.

The U.S. Constitution does not limit its protections to speech that is polite, assemblies that are popular or religious observances that are conventional, nor do we limit our practice to cases that are safe.

If you are concerned that the sheer magnitude of your case may be too much for some lawyers to handle, don't hesitate to contact us.

A sampling of our unique cases includes:

Sherman v. School District 216, et al. An atheist parent successfully challenged the constitutionality of a newly amended Illinois "Moment of Silence" Law. We obtained an injunction preventing the law from going forward and were granted certification of all public school districts in the state as a defendant class. Federal court held that the law was unconstitutional.

Polish American Congress successfully sued the city of Chicago to have ward boundaries redrawn to include a large Catholic church to preserve the "community of interest" under the Voting Rights Act.

Al-Salam Mosque Foundation sued citing religious discrimination after its bid to buy land for a mosque was refused.

International Star Registry Inc. brought several actions against national telecommunications firms involving the termination of internet service contracts and the deficiency of mass electronic mailing lists.

Obtained $9 million settlement for a man wrongfully arrested, convicted and imprisoned for 11 years.

For aggressive advocacy on behalf of your constitutional rights, contact Kulis Law.

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Class actions are procedurally complex forms of litigation, but when managed effectively, they can remedy pervasive problems and deliver widespread relief.

Our attorneys have extensive experience certifying both plaintiff and defendant classes in state and federal court. We have successfully won money damages for our clients to compensate their losses and injunctive relief to end abusive behavior.

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We Accept Referrals At Any Stage Of Litigation

Our team works cooperatively with our colleagues at law who do not have the immediate resources to meet clients' needs in risky and complex litigation. Our experience in this arena allows us to assume management of cases at all stages of litigation. If you are an attorney who is concerned about your present capacity to deliver best results for your clients, contact us for a consultation.