When Are An Officer’s Actions Excessive?

Police officers can use force to control dangerous or out-of-hand situations, but the force they use needs to align with the severity of the circumstances. If they use more force than necessary when arresting or investigating you, it is considered excessive force and can be legally challenged.

Excessive force may be something as simple as tightening handcuffs to inflict unnecessary pain, but it may also refer to physical battery. For example, officers should not strike you if you are complying with them and not resisting arrest.

We Know How To Approach These Cases

Because every situation is different, excessive and unreasonable force must be decided on a case-by-case basis. At Kulis Law, our attorneys have the experience in police misconduct cases to determine whether excessive or unreasonable force was used.

After speaking directly with a lawyer about what happened, we will immediately begin preparing a case to show that you were wronged. After decades of litigating against Illinois police departments, we know what to expect from these trials and can prepare accordingly.

Get Your Case Started

We always aim for efficiency. We know these situations are incredibly stressful for our clients so we will pursue the strategy that best protects your rights in a time-effective manner.

We are not afraid to go against the police department in court to prove the force used against you was unreasonable or excessive. To schedule a free consultation about your case, please email us or call our office at 312-574-3079. We remain available at all hours and offer Saturday appointments.

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