Hold Police Accountable For Illegal Arrests

Not all arrests are legally acceptable. In some cases, police officers create false charges to cover up other activity such as illegal searches, excessive force or pull overs without a justified cause.

It is important to remain civil during interactions with an officer to avoid accidentally incriminating yourself through your actions or words. Police must justify why an arrest was made, so if you believe you have been falsely arrested, a lawyer can help you dispute the charges afterward.

Our skilled team at Kulis Law works vigorously to protect clients' rights after they have been illegally arrested. We are not afraid to face major opponents, such as large, well-funded police departments, to challenge their actions.

A Legacy Of Defending Clients' Rights

Since 1990, our firm has been defending victims of wrongful conviction. Everyone has constitutional rights that should never be violated, which is why we are here to represent you if your arrest was illegal.

With our experienced attorneys and teams of professionals, we meticulously examine any piece of evidence that may help your case in order to build the most effective possible strategies. We have experience pursuing settlements as well as litigating against tough opponents, so you are in good hands regardless of the direction of your case.

Put Skilled Allies On Your Side

False arrest and criminal charges are a serious matter. As such, we work to build trust with clients and help them understand the steps we will take to defend their rights.

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