What Is Malicious Prosecution?

Malicious prosecution refers to one party bringing a claim against another with no probable cause to do so, and then proceeding forward with those charges, knowing that they were false. Malicious prosecution often occurs out of spite, but police officers might also do this as a form of intimidation. No matter the reason, it is illegal.

To prove malicious prosecution occurred, you must show that the officer had no probable cause to bring charges against you. While this may be difficult, the lawyers at Kulis Law have handled police misconduct cases in Illinois for decades. We know exactly how to investigate and hold police officers responsible for illegal behavior.

What Can You Recover From These Situations?

Two types of compensation can be recovered in these cases: compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Compensatory damages cover any injuries, including emotional and psychological injuries, as well as attorney fees and other damages you may have endured. The emotional suffering, fear, stress and other effects of the case may be compensated.

Punitive damages are put in place to punish the offending party. If an officer unreasonably brings charges against you, the police may be required to pay a sum of money to deter them from engaging in any more illegal practices.

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Nobody should be victimized by the very institution that is meant to uphold the law. You should not be prosecuted for something you did not do.

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