When Can Police Use Guns?

A situation has to be very serious to warrant the use of firearms by police officers. An officer's actions must always be proportional to the situation, so deadly force is only acceptable in deadly situations.

If an officer's or civilian's life is in danger of great bodily harm and shooting is the only reasonable means of defense, it is likely justified. However, if your loved one was shot in a situation that could have been handled by less drastic measures, you deserve justice and compensation.

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Bringing a claim against the police department is not easy, especially when there is no definitive line on when police shootings are and are not acceptable. However, the attorneys at Kulis Law have been taking on cases of police brutality for decades. We can stand up to any opponent and approach cases with whatever strategies will be most effective.

Too often, citizens are victims of police violence. Our lawyers stand for justice in the community. While a successful result will compensate you for your suffering, your case is more than that to us. We want to ensure your suffering does not go unnoticed and that no one has to endure the same tragedy again.

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