When Is Taser Use Unjustified?

Police Taser abuse in Chicago has topped the headlines in recent years. You have probably seen the graphic videos of police brutality on television — often resulting in serious injuries and even death.

Tasers are a common alternative to firearms when subduing suspects. Though they are often touted as a safe alternative to guns, families of victims in Taser deaths disagree.

Chicago police officers are supposed to be trained professionals who know when to use force and, if using force, must consider:

  • The subject's action(s)
  • The degree of potential danger in the situation
  • The safety of third parties present in the situation

However, good judgment is often ignored. Under state, federal and municipal law, police may not use excessive force while performing their duties, yet officers routinely use Tasers excessively or when no threat of violence is evident, or when the suspect shows passive resistance.

We Take The Tough Cases

The risk of Taser injury in Chicago is so well-known that in 2005, Illinois became the first state to require a firearms license for stun gun owners. Still, since the Taser law passage, police officers have continued inappropriate use.

Taser lawsuits can be very complex because:

  • Witnesses are afraid to testify
  • Burden of proof is difficult to establish
  • Laws provide immunity to police officers
  • Short statutes of limitations

The attorneys of Kulis Law are well-versed in complicated lawsuits such as misuse of Tasers. We work relentlessly for the compensation and rights that victims deserve. No matter the scope or complexity of your case, you can trust us to be at your side every step of the way.

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