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Street named for civil rights hero in Chicago

A major road in downtown Chicago has been renamed after a civil rights hero, according to multiple news reports. It is also the first time in history that a road in the city has been named for a black woman. Ida B. Wells Drive was dedicated earlier in February. The street renamed was Congress Parkway. Wells was a pioneer in journalism and civil rights. She was also a suffragist.

Police officers may try to trick you into waiving your rights

Any interaction with law enforcement could lead to serious consequences for the citizen involved. What you say innocently in an attempt to communicate (and perhaps cooperate) with law enforcement could provide them grounds for investigating or even arresting you. Also concerning is the fact that law enforcement will often engage in manipulative tactics in order to serve their purposes.

What constitutes a misuse of power by a police officer?unroll gi

A police officer holds a tremendous amount of power in the community. The officer can stop, detain, question and arrest just about anyone he or she wants. That said, just because an officer can do as he or she pleases, it doesn't mean that the officers actions will always be lawful. They could constitute an abuse of power.

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