What constitutes a misuse of power by a police officer?unroll gi

A police officer holds a tremendous amount of power in the community. The officer can stop, detain, question and arrest just about anyone he or she wants. That said, just because an officer can do as he or she pleases, it doesn't mean that the officers actions will always be lawful. They could constitute an abuse of power.

There are strict rules and regulations that govern what an officer can and cannot do. This is especially the case when it comes to unlawful actions that an officer could do for his or her own profit and gain.

Nevertheless, some police officer are less than ethical. These corrupt "officers of the law" do not live up to the standard of their position. They could coerce someone to do something that they don't have to do undre the law. They could use their power to receive special favors -- even special payments -- from members of the community.

Police officers have been known to accept bribes, demand sexual favors, commit sexual assualt and do other unspeakable things to members of their own communities. In addition to police misconduct, officers in the Chicago area might also use an unnecessary amount of force -- that injures or endangers the lives of citizens in the area -- while carrying out their job duties.

Our law firm has helped numerous Illinois residents assert their legal rights after they were treated wrongly by an officer of the law. If you've been hurt by a police officer's abuse of power, contact our law offices to determine if you can hold the police department financial responsible for the injuries you have endured.

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