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Garbage truck company, Chicago, say each breached their contract

Back in February, the city of Chicago sued Motiv Power Systems, the California-based manufacturer of an electric trash truck, for $1.3 million in the Cook County Circuit Court system. They did so to try to recoup the cost of a largely inoperative truck that they'd purchased from them in 2014. Just last month, the manufacturer filed their own suit alleging that the city breached its contract with them.

Remedies that are often ordered in breach of contract cases

Most any Chicago company will have their customer sign a contract before agreeing to perform any services for them. They outline what they've been contracted to do and outline what happens if outside factors such as time delays or financial issues make it impossible for either party to uphold their responsibilities.

Are you the victim of tortious interference?

Tortious interference refers to the intentional interference in a contractual or other business relationship with the motive of inflicting economic harm to one or more of the parties in that relationship. It's considered an economic tort because the damage to the plaintiff is financial in nature.

Why you need carefully crafted nondisclosure agreement

Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), sometimes known as confidentiality agreements, are widely used by businesses of all sizes. They help business owners protect their proprietary information and ideas as well as sensitive information about the company, its customers and employees.

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